Mythic Musings



I started this blog in March 2014 to support and share excerpts of my (hopefully one day upcoming) novel and enter into discussions with like-minded individuals across our varied world.  Thus, while I have concentrated my posts on such excerpts, I am more than an aspiring novelist. In essence, writing a novel–something I never imagined doing–was an entrance into living mythically. As such, the posts under this page are dedicated, as the name of the page implies, to musings on myth and living mythically.

So if you are new to this page, check out “Homo Mythicus” and “Who are the gods anyway?” to familiarize yourself with the perspectives from which I approach the myths, the gods, and their relevance to our modern world and our lives.

“Homo Mythicus”

Who are the Gods Anyway?

McMansions and the Extinguishing of Hestia

So Who is Zeus Anyway?

The Therapy of Gardening

Who is Hades Anyway?

In Honor of Earth Day: Gaia

Who is Poseidon anyway?

Myths Help Fight PTSD

Prometheus, Orpheus, and the Energy Crisis

Who is Kali Anyway?

Who is Hephaestus anyway?

Who is Loki anyway?


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