“Keeping US Strong: Tony Fitton, Steroids, and the American Way”–Forthcoming

Selling Tony PL USA“Josh Bertetta’s provocative book significantly adds to the canon of anabolic steroid works started with ‘Legal Muscle’ and ‘Bigger Stronger Faster.’ This fascinating, truth-seeking journey is an antidote to the distorted perspectives presented in the mainstream media. Fasten your seatbelts. If you thought you knew the story of steroids in America, think again.”
~ Rick Collins, Esq., SteroidLaw.com

From a handful of outlaws sending them through the mail to a global crisis throwing Olympic sport into disrepute, anabolic steroids are among the most vilified and misunderstood drugs in the contemporary America. While they may the bane of sporting institutions and athletes who use them are demonized as immoral cheaters, most of what people know about the drugs is inaccurate or downright untrue. Keeping US Strong sets the story straight and challenges the modern perceptions of these most-maligned drugs.

On November 12, 1984, former British powerlifter Tony Fitton attempted to re-enter the United States through the Tecate Port of Entry. A subsequent inspection of his rented 1983 Ford Escort revealed over 6,000 doses of anabolic steroids. A time when the general American public knew very little about steroids and they were not Controlled Substances, Fitton thought the drugs would be confiscated and the inspector would let him go. U.S. Attorney Philip Halpern, however, thought otherwise. Fitton was arrested. Facing 12 years in prison for a crime he didn’t believe he committed, Fitton jumped bail. A task force consisting of various federal agencies caught him after an exhaustive five-month search across the country. Charged and convicted, Tony Fitton was the first person in American history to be federally prosecuted for selling anabolic steroids.

So who cares? Over one million Americans alone use steroids. People around the world use steroids. Most are non-athletes. But athletes still use them in addition to other performance-enhancing drugs. This past year alone has seen one of the most significant controversies in the world of international sport. Widespread corruption. Government cover-ups. All in the name of Olympic victory.


But how did it get this way? How did the use of anabolic steroids spread through the world of sport and trickle down into your normal everyday Joes who use the drugs to help them look better? How did anabolic steroids become a part of the American fabric? Keeping US Strong answers these questions and more. Sure to create controversy as it tells the untold story of anabolic steroids, Keeping US Strong is the true story of the rise of these most provocative substances. It tells the story of Tony Fitton, one of a handful of anabolic outlaws, a leading and legendary figure of the steroid underground.

The takeaway?

Anabolic steroids might be just as American as apple pie.


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