The Story of the Four


The Story of the Four is an epic fantasy grounded in history, rooted in myth.

It is four stories, and it is one story.

It is a Mobius strip challenging what this author considers as arbitrary the divide between fantasy and reality, myth and history, fiction and non-fiction, twisting them to the point that the line between dissolves and a new perspective on the world, ourselves as individuals and as a community, and our place in the world emerges.

A celebration of cultural diversity, The Story of the Four speaks to the longings of those who seek deeper connections with themselves and others as well as a more a profound meaning in life than what our modern society currently provides.

As one story, The Story of the Four tells a cohesive story about four young adults from various parts of a vast, dying world where gods and angels, demons and other dark things are as real as the sky is blue.

As four stories, it follows the lives of these four young adults who are thrust into their own life changing journeys.

There is Erosoi, the self-styled golden boy, who wants to change the world and will stop at nothing to return his island home to its former Golden Age. Darrath, the bullied, must brave a long, prolonged dark night of the soul if he is to comprehend the mysteries he so desperately wants to understand.  Jen, the self-righteous intellectual, who trades his humanity for wealth, power, and fame must free himself from the demons with whom he dances if he is to know who he truly is. And Rahim, the orphan, will have to learn to endure the countless sufferings the world throws at him if he is to find his long lost Beloved.

Want to learn more about The Story of the Four? Click here. Maybe you want to read excerpts from the novel. If so, click on each name above and begin to enter a unique fantasy novel which has been described by Jonathan Hirschbein, award winning screenwriter (Best Screenplay, Temecula Valley International Film Festival) as:

“If Carlos Castaneda, Terence McKenna, P.D. Ouspensky, Michel De Montaigne, Allen Ginsberg, Charles Bukowski, Joe Coleman, Louis-Ferdinand Celine, Nietzsche, Thomas Lynch, Neil Young, Sitting Bull, Geronimo, The Alphabet Man, Vlad the Impaler, Timothy Leary, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Bill Hicks, Shannon Hoon, Lady Cottington, E.M. Cioran, M.C. Escher, Joseph Campbell, Albert Camus and Groucho Marx were all thrown into a windowless room with chainsaws, swords, kitchen weaponry and quills, Joshua Bertetta’s “The Story of the Four” would surely be it’s enlightened, diabolical and truth-seeking spawn.”



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