Rahim the Sufi

Rahim Water Pic 

An orphan raised in a monastic compound of which his uncle is the Shayk, Rahim has witnessed more than enough suffering to last most people a lifetime.  Rahim is a dreamer at heart, but the longer he stays behind closed walls, his daily routine defined by strict rules, the harder it is to dream. And his dreams are but one: to find Layla, his long lost beloved, stolen from him the day he lost his parents. Dreams fading, hope fading, Rahim is weeks away from taking his vows–vows which would reduce his dreams to ash. But the world has more in store for Rahim and when he leaves, it will bestow upon him a vision of the world unlike that of anyone else: a vision at once beatific and horrific, sublime and terrifying. A vision that will raise him to heights of ecstasy and beat him down with suffering most severe. And in order to find her, he must learn to endure…

Click on the links below to read scenes from Rahim’s story.

Introducing Rahim

 The Big Big City

 A Parable


The Prologue to Compassion

(“Story of the Week” and “Best Contributed Story of the Week” Winner)

When Black Gets Burned

Mercy speaks about Love

The Man of the Sand Bar

Medieval Grunge


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