Jen the Confucian

Jen Metal Pic

You might call Jen a genius. He would definitely say so for what else would you call someone who passed the Imperial Examinations before most even begin their studies? The thing is, now he has to wait to get his government post. He’ll be nothing short of Chancellor of course. Second to none other than the Emperor. He will fix the empire’s problems. He will restore Heaven on Earth. But since he has to wait, Master has a little job for him: go west all the way to the end of the Silk Road. Ever the proper student, Jen, along with his guide Sherme, proceed westward, but Sherme is like no other guide. Jen definitely wouldn’t call him a guide, for what kind of guide goes off the largest road in the world to weave through countless forests and traverse ice-capped mountains? Months he will follow Sherme until, after a chance encounter, Jen, having discovered his penchant as a magician, will be faced with a choice: complete his journey or use his talent to rise to the heights of fame and fortune…

Click on the links below to read scenes from Jen’s story.

Introducing Jen

Scene II: A View of the City

Scene III: To Judgment

Scene IV: Alchemy of Demons

Scene V: A Rainstorm

Scene VI: Topics We Don’t Discuss and Questions We All Ask

Scene VII: Lessons from the Panda


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