Erosoi the Celt

Erosoi Wood Pic

The kind of guy you love to hate, Erosoi is handsome, charismatic. The kind of guy you can count on to make you smile, make you feel appreciated. A guy you can trust. The kind of guy that gets the job done. Thing is, he’s getting older, and the canyon walls around his small farming village are closing in on him. The world is big, he knows. Fancying himself a man of action, Erosoi wants to explore, but knows in leaving his home, he will be leaving the people who count on him the most. But there is something inside him, something in the man of action that cannot yield…

Click on a link below to read scenes from Erosoi’s story.

Introducing Erosoi

Scene II: Leaving Home

Scene III: Dreaming the Horned One

Scene IV: The Hunt

Scene V: The Seal

Scene VI: Portrait of a Celt as a Young Man

VII: At the Bottom of the World

Scene VIII: Into the Pit

Scene IX: Life in the Big City

A Celtic Winter


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