Darrath the Viking

Darrat Water Pic

Darrath, bullied and abused, is a young man disenfranchised, alienated from his world. Blamed for the ill that befell his family, he is most himself alone, high in the mountains where he can just be, and be free. Sensitive and thoughtful at heart, he hides himself from others in a world where vengeance brings honor and where honor makes the man. To save himself he will have to stand up for himself and in standing up for himself he will have to face the gods–the source of his mirth and ire. But in order to face them, he will have to tread the line as thin and sharp as the sword’s edge. And if he falls, he falls into the vicious jaws of madness…

Click on a link below to read scenes from Darrath’s story.

Introducing Darrath

Scene II: Invasion

Scene III: A Grateful Dream

Scene IV: Musing over Mead

Scene V: A Brief Fight Scene

Scene VI: Monsters at Night

Scene VII: Musing over Mead Pt. II

Scene VIII: Lokasenna 2.0

Scene IX: The Den


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