Who is Loki anyway?

Dedicated to Professor David L. Miller Father of Monsters. Father of Hel. Bloodbrother and Benchmate of Odin. Clever. Deep-minded god of plunder. Giant’s Son and God of 1,000 Masks. Such are just but a few of the many kennings for Loki the famous and (it seems to me) quite popular god of Norse mythology. But … More Who is Loki anyway?

Lokasenna 2.0

 Also knows as the “Flyting of Loki,” Lokasenna is found in the Poetic Edda, a collection of Norse myths. In this story, Loki chastises the gods while they are feasting in Aegir’s hall. The version below is a re-telling of the tale from my novel The Story of the Four. Here Darrath plays a central role. Can you guess which … More Lokasenna 2.0

Monsters at Night

Darrath crept behind lichen-covered boulders beside a well-worn trade route west of the Isolasjon Mountains. A seasoned tracker who’d leaned how to walk with owl’s wings, his boot-heavy feet cracked not a branch, panicked not a bird into flight. Prey neither smelled nor saw him. Such skills proved useful, he learned in his month alone, … More Monsters at Night

A Brief Fight Scene

Darrath launched into Geirrod. What had begun a mild sommar rain turned to a thunderstorm. Thus did the weather of swords the weird condition of pleasure weave. Battle-clouds did they resa upp; battle clouds did their lightning bolts of tempest splittra. Sweat did rain from the Tree of Köld Iron, from the Tender of Sword. … More A Brief Fight Scene

Musing over Mead

One might declare the persistence was on him; one might claim it was the perseverance; others might say it was the stupidity. Whatever one called it, Darrath preferred t0 call it “forward” för no other motiv than in going forward, what loomed behind stayed behind. He will need to go forward fasta, för the dark … More Musing over Mead

A Grateful Dream

Darrath Scene III Darrath, warm in Fjolvor’s husband’s woolen overcoat, tossed rocks at the black lake, hoping he could break through the massiv ice. A crack would do just fine—something, anything he could get his hands into just enough to slip through and enter en icy sleep. She approached him from behind. “Here…How about some … More A Grateful Dream

Darrath Pt. II

Knees blunt and quivering, he could almost touch the arrow lodged deep in the ash. He again shut his eyes. More footsteps. From the side, from the rear. Dare not turn your head. “Gotcha!” Whoever it was stola his hatt. As if his hjärta rate increased his body heat to the point of boiling, he, … More Darrath Pt. II


Dualism—the western paradigm. Simplified, dualism divides life into opposites. The oppositions exist, then, in conflict. Moreover, dualism imposes arbitrary limits on our thinking. Taken together, we wonder why we experience the political, economic, and environmental crises we face today. My first foray into the world of fantasy, The Story of the Four, an epic trilogy, … More Welcome