Topics We Don’t Discuss and Questions We All Ask

Jen exhaled his relief and lowered his hands to his aching knees. A large village, perhaps a small city even, before them. People. People to talk to. As much as he’d enjoyed talking to Sherme since they trekked along the Yuanwuling Gorge, he’d almost run out of things to say. He explained the empire—its past … More Topics We Don’t Discuss and Questions We All Ask

Introducing Jen

The well-educated son of a high-ranking official, born in Nu-Kua, Capital of Tsao-Chun, .07.09.03, the Year of the Water Rooster. The punctilious young man closed the door to Master’s home and asked Shentu and Yulu, fully armored with swords in hand, to watch over the house. Should some ghost cross the threshold, he besseched them … More Introducing Jen

A Rainstorm

Then, with a gentle breeze wafting across the tree tops, it commenced. A fine brocade of waters in the last rays of twilight did the wind weave; crickets chirped, a stork on the opposite shore croaked when the wind moaned. And there he sat, a pine needle atop frigid mountain waters. The trees swayed. Strident … More A Rainstorm

Alchemy of Demons

  The double doors, nine feet high, five wide, opened and closed by their own volition. A warrior gesturing him inside, Jen walked past a green dragon, coiled inside the doors’ left, and a tiger, crouched at its right. At the back of the central hall, a room extending in all directions, atop a vermillion … More Alchemy of Demons

To Judgement

Jen Scene III He touched his head. More than a few bumps. Wary of crevices and protrusions, he, tentative hands outstretched, groped the black and doddered forward. He remembered the meracious white wall, not wandering into this cave nor for how long. Despite such, coupled with the fact this darkness weighed more than that through … More To Judgement

Jen Scene II

  The road south ascended a culmen where the view presented the traveler four options: due south, southwest, east, or west. At the same time, it offered an unheralded view of the city from on high. As Sherme surveyed the roads ahead, Jen tapped him on the shoulder and nodded to the heavenly city. Smoke … More Jen Scene II