Am I Fully Human?

I ask this question in response to recent discussion in my “Basic Christian Questions” class regarding the full humanity of Jesus Christ. It may be presumed the doctrinal assertion of Jesus Christ’s full humanity is simply based on his being of flesh and blood. And that would be, in part, correct, for of course Christianity … More Am I Fully Human?

The Big Big City

Like the very place upon which he stood—a crossroad, an invitation to the whispering things that tempted travelers with knowledge of their fate. A rustling in the grass. A splash in the water. The sun struck and Rahim ran. Ran and ran over the bridge, each foot fall heavier and louder than what came before. … More The Big Big City

99 Names of Allah: 39-42

Bismallah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim Muqit Following Hafiz, a Name which relates to Allah’s protecting “everything in the heavens and earth” (Meyer et al. 52), the 39th Name, Muqit, “is the unlimited ability to provide for each and everything,” for with Muqit, the protection that is Hafiz “arrives to feed and nourish, to allow for survival” (53). Words … More 99 Names of Allah: 39-42

99 Names of Allah: 30-33

Bishmallah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim Latif Often “considered virtually untranslatable,” the authors of Physicians of the Heart translate Latif as “subtle love” and to deepen an understanding of this, the 30th Divine Name, it is useful to examine the “various levels of meaning” as embodied in terms derived from the root L-T-F (99). First, the subtly suggested by … More 99 Names of Allah: 30-33