Glad to be getting back into the Flash Fiction swing of things again and this is probably my favorite of my most recent forays. Traffic Jam was the central theme for Microcosms 34. After spinning the writing wheel, I had to incorporate the following: Character: Driver                   … More Non-Traffiction

A Walk at Night

Here’s one of my latest from FlashFriday Vol 3.5 based on the photo prompt. Tried a little something different this time around.  “Stinks.” “Yup.” “Nasty.” “Here.” “Thanks.” “Look.” “Where?” “There.” “Where?” “There!” “Oh.” “Shit.” “Um…” “Shit.” “Um…” “Let’s—“ “No.” “What?” “Wait.” “Wait!?” “Come—” “Wait.” “Now.” “Not—“ “Ow!” “What?” “Ow!” “What!?” “Joan?” … “Joan?” … “Where–” … More A Walk at Night


Here’s a little piece I wrote based on The Angry Hourglass’s prompt below: No little flower, no little offering of peace can change the fact she just left, left with the oldest to go look for another place to live while the youngest sleeps and the middle child stews silently watching you-tube videos. Little else … More Grief

Opposite Day

“Daddy, did you make up opposite day?” I, being the honest and forthright father that I am, said yes. Being six, he smiled. “Do you want to play?” “Don’t you mean do I not want to play?” He turned old with a wrinkled face. “Yes…I mean no.” He turned young again and full of pride, he beamed. … More Opposite Day

Learning his ABCs

Here is my latest story based on the photo prompt from The Angry Hourglass. Note the first letter of each line of dialogue. “Are they at it again daddy?” “Boy, come here.” He finished the afternoon’s fifth beer, set the twelve pack on the floor, and patted the chair beside him. “Charlie, please—” “Don’t you … More Learning his ABCs


My newest piece of flash based on the prompt had to include reference to “a treasure”. There are things in this world we can’t see or smell or taste. We don’t even know they’re there; they don’t affect us at all. Then there’s things like that that can derail us, even turn our lives into … More Uncoupled