She slammed the newspaper on the breakfast table and screamed. Her husband set down his coffee cup, and, inclining his head forward, looked at her, beautiful as she had ever been, past his bifocals. She stood. She glanced at the newspaper. Mad as a cow, she took it and tore it into bits and pieces, … More Usurped

Topics We Don’t Discuss and Questions We All Ask

Jen exhaled his relief and lowered his hands to his aching knees. A large village, perhaps a small city even, before them. People. People to talk to. As much as he’d enjoyed talking to Sherme since they trekked along the Yuanwuling Gorge, he’d almost run out of things to say. He explained the empire—its past … More Topics We Don’t Discuss and Questions We All Ask

Into the Pit

A slow current of warm and damp air brushed his face and Erosoi, wishing for nothing but the cold, thought he felt his lips swell. He thirsted and he sweat, the salty perspiration seeping into the thousands of shallow wounds across his back. Struggling elbows twitched and an indemnifying pain, as if Glewlwyd himself took … More Into the Pit

Introducing Jen

The well-educated son of a high-ranking official, born in Nu-Kua, Capital of Tsao-Chun, .07.09.03, the Year of the Water Rooster. The punctilious young man closed the door to Master’s home and asked Shentu and Yulu, fully armored with swords in hand, to watch over the house. Should some ghost cross the threshold, he besseched them … More Introducing Jen