Who is Loki anyway?

Dedicated to Professor David L. Miller Father of Monsters. Father of Hel. Bloodbrother and Benchmate of Odin. Clever. Deep-minded god of plunder. Giant’s Son and God of 1,000 Masks. Such are just but a few of the many kennings for Loki the famous and (it seems to me) quite popular god of Norse mythology. But … More Who is Loki anyway?

99 Names of Allah: 30-33

Bishmallah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim Latif Often “considered virtually untranslatable,” the authors of Physicians of the Heart translate Latif as “subtle love” and to deepen an understanding of this, the 30th Divine Name, it is useful to examine the “various levels of meaning” as embodied in terms derived from the root L-T-F (99). First, the subtly suggested by … More 99 Names of Allah: 30-33

99 Names of Allah: 26-29

Sami’ and Basir Both Names relating to sensory experience, I will begin today’s post treating them together in brief. Meaning “divine hearing,” Sami’ is “hearing in the sense of hearing everything without limits, both in detail and as a totality…so that you might hear the sounds of God’s signs and hear all sounds as sacred” (Meyer … More 99 Names of Allah: 26-29

99 Names of Allah: 19-25

Bismallah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim ‘Alim “Considering all of its various forms, al-‘Alim is mentioned in the Qur’an more than any other single attribute of Allah” (Meyer et al. Physicians of the Heart, 45). Put simply, ‘Alim is the “all-inclusive,” “omniscient knowledge of God” (45). Inner knowledge, outer knowledge, knowledge of the seen and unseen: this is ‘Alim. Specifically, … More 99 Names of Allah: 19-25

99 Names of Allah: 14-18

Bismallah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim Today’s post will focus on five Divine Names concerning forgiveness, strength, blessings, provision, and the opening of the heart. Ghaffar Four of the Divine Names concern the issue of forgiveness, Ghaffar considered “the ground floor in the forgiveness cluster of Names” since it “relates to a low point in the human process” … More 99 Names of Allah: 14-18

99 Names of Allah: 11-13

Today’s post regarding the 99 Divine Names–Khaliq, Bari’, and Musawwir–concern the process of creation, beginning with the planning of that creation to the beginning of manifestation. Khaliq The eleventh name’s grammatical form suggests (as it does for the subsequent name Bari’) “the only one who” or “the unique” (Meyer, Hyde, Muqaddam, and Kahn. Physicians of the Heart … More 99 Names of Allah: 11-13