Who is Loki anyway?

Dedicated to Professor David L. Miller Father of Monsters. Father of Hel. Bloodbrother and Benchmate of Odin. Clever. Deep-minded god of plunder. Giant’s Son and God of 1,000 Masks. Such are just but a few of the many kennings for Loki the famous and (it seems to me) quite popular god of Norse mythology. But … More Who is Loki anyway?

Topics We Don’t Discuss and Questions We All Ask

Jen exhaled his relief and lowered his hands to his aching knees. A large village, perhaps a small city even, before them. People. People to talk to. As much as he’d enjoyed talking to Sherme since they trekked along the Yuanwuling Gorge, he’d almost run out of things to say. He explained the empire—its past … More Topics We Don’t Discuss and Questions We All Ask

Myths help fight PTSD

Ancient warrior myths help veterans fight PTSD Greek heroes struggled with battle stress, too (http://news.yahoo.com/ancient-myth-helps-veterans-battle-ptsd-153531485.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory) By Liz Goodwin, Yahoo News 15 hours ago Yahoo News 0 shares View photo . Ajax Defending Greek Ships Against Trojans (Bettmann/CORBIS) A soldier returns home from battle but has brought the war with him. He stares off into the … More Myths help fight PTSD


“What goes around comes around.” This is the inevitable answer I hear from my students when I ask them what karma means. I also hear things like “what you give comes back to you,” “If you do something bad, something bad will come back to you,” on and on, one answer just another way of … More iKarma

Bhavacakra: Buddhist Wheel of Life (Part 1)

Translated as “The Wheel of Life” or “The Wheel of Becoming,” the Bhavacakra is a symbolic representation of cyclical existence (samsara) as understood by the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Commonly painted outside monastery walls, it is believed the Buddha himself designed the Bhavacakra as a means to transmit his (often difficult) teachings. In short, the Bhavacakra depicts life … More Bhavacakra: Buddhist Wheel of Life (Part 1)