Deep Suburban Blues

Here’s my latest from microcosmsfic 56. I spun Pool Hustler, Chicago, and Horror on the writing wheel. Going for a unique take on the first prompt, here’s the result… Ever since I watched “Jaws” when I’s a kid I been damn ‘fraid swimming in my pool. It’s a suburban pool, north of Chicago, nothing fancy … More Deep Suburban Blues


Glad to be getting back into the Flash Fiction swing of things again and this is probably my favorite of my most recent forays. Traffic Jam was the central theme for Microcosms 34. After spinning the writing wheel, I had to incorporate the following: Character: Driver                   … More Non-Traffiction

Aphla and Oemga

How humbling it is to be named the winner of Flash!Fiction (vol. 2-44) for a second week in a row (1 of only a small handful of talented writers to have done so). This week’s story was based on the photo prompt below and had to include a surgery. Tehy trun tinghs uspdie-dwon and isidne-out. Smoe … More Aphla and Oemga


My latest short from the photo prompt at The Angry Hourglass:   Even though your heart is roaring in your ears you can hear the stairs creak as if you are hurting them and, looking around you, you see the trees swaying in the wind, feel the old rain drip drip dripping on your face … More C.R.A.S.H.D


My latest piece of flash based on the photo prompt. The story also had to include a death.         “Anything to say for yourself?” “No.” “We both know that’s you.” “Are you kidding?” He fanned his face and wiped his brow. “That’s a woman. Got any water? Aspirin? I’ve got a killer … More Interrogation

Number One

This is my latest piece of flash based on the photo prompt. Tried to have a little bit of fun with this one.   My brow beaded with sweat and I regretted drinking half the daily recommended amount of water as I sat waiting for Dr. Al-Kimiya’s office hours. My leg shook and I tried … More Number One

A Celtic Winter

nly on the New Year celebration, when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead thinned to its thinnest, did one of the Coill speak to him. Shivering under his cloak, Erosoi had been standing in the middle of the village on a misty night when one by one they passed, candles … More A Celtic Winter