Conservative Christians: Consistent with Gospel or Modern Day Pharisees?

  Seven months have passed since my last blog post on the subject of religion and as I listen to 2016 Republican Presidential candidates speak about God, Jesus, and Christianity, I cringe. Ted Cruz (scary guy that he is) said recently “I’m Christian first, American second” and Pope Francis (quite correctly in my opinion) questioned … More Conservative Christians: Consistent with Gospel or Modern Day Pharisees?

The Lord’s Table

My latest from Christian Flash Weekly Event 53, prompted by “Woman,” Jesus said to her, “why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for?” (John 10:15). Though not required, the judge recommended placing Jesus in a time and place outside of his own. Heads bowed, the family of five held hands around the table, a … More The Lord’s Table

Religious Freedom Law (feat. Eminem)

Indiana’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” has, of course, received much media attention since passed into law last week. According to the Huffington Post, “The goal is to give business owners a stronger legal defense if they refuse to serve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender customers and want to cite their faith as justification for their actions” … More Religious Freedom Law (feat. Eminem)

Christianity Lecture 9: From Heights to Upheaval

This, the last day of our Christian unit, picks up with the beginnings of desert monasticism and focuses on the development and spread of Christianity, primarily through Europe, as the Church rises in power and scope. Here we focus on some key historical developments in the spread and internal issues affecting Christianity, including the Great … More Christianity Lecture 9: From Heights to Upheaval

Christianity Lecture 7: Early Christian Centuries

Having completed our discussions on the Gospels, the next three lectures focuses on the development of Christianity through history. Beginning in the second century, the present material discusses challenges early Christians faced with one another, paying particular attention to the various beliefs and controversies that characterized early Christianity, and the move toward establishing a singular … More Christianity Lecture 7: Early Christian Centuries

Christianity Lecture 6: The Gospel according to John

Our material today begins by concluding previous discussions on the synoptic Gospels, paying particular attention to each author’s theological message. This then is followed by a discussion of the Gospel according to John, with special attention paid to John’s style, the Prologue, the way in which Jesus speaks of himself, a change in understanding of … More Christianity Lecture 6: The Gospel according to John

Christianity Lecture 5: The Synoptic Gospels Pt. III

Today’s lecture on the synoptic gospels begins by looking briefly at the God Jesus believed in, followed by issues concerning discipleship and what discipleship means as expressed in the Gospel according to Matthew. The focus of the day, however, concerns issues of Jesus’s identity and how that identity is divulged through his trials and crucifixion. … More Christianity Lecture 5: The Synoptic Gospels Pt. III

Ignatian Prayer

I wrote this in response to Christian Flash Weekly’s Event 43, the prompt of which required the inclusion of “and now, may the terror of the LORD be on you. Watch what you do, for there is no injustice or partiality or taking bribes with the LORD our God” (2 Chronicles 19:7) and had to … More Ignatian Prayer


My latest over at Christian Flash Weekly won Grand Champion again. The prompt is the bible passage: Miriam sang to them, ‘Sing to the LORD, for he is highly exalted. The horse and its rider he has hurled into the sea.’ Here’s what I wrote: “Water! Water!” someone screamed. And they wept. At least some of them—those … More Bitter

Am I Fully Human?

I ask this question in response to recent discussion in my “Basic Christian Questions” class regarding the full humanity of Jesus Christ. It may be presumed the doctrinal assertion of Jesus Christ’s full humanity is simply based on his being of flesh and blood. And that would be, in part, correct, for of course Christianity … More Am I Fully Human?