Life in the Big City

Strange sometimes are the things that can change one’s world. The little things, the things you might never consider beyond a simple passing eyeshot. But that’s what happened when Erosoi and Uathach watched the glassblowers. They’d paused at the blacksmith’s, hurried past the stench from the leatherworkers, rambled past the stone cutters and wood workers. … More Life in the Big City

Into the Pit

A slow current of warm and damp air brushed his face and Erosoi, wishing for nothing but the cold, thought he felt his lips swell. He thirsted and he sweat, the salty perspiration seeping into the thousands of shallow wounds across his back. Struggling elbows twitched and an indemnifying pain, as if Glewlwyd himself took … More Into the Pit

The Seal

Erosoi looked across the sea as the sun broke the horizon. Seabirds screamed their tumultuous scream and a dark something far beyond the swells protruded just above the water then vanished. He rubbed his still heavy, sleep deprived morning eyes and sought whatever it was. He waited through a dozen breaths and chalking it up … More The Seal

The Hunt

“So as you were saying?” “Right.” He threw down another bite and began. “I beat my chest and the boar snorted. I took a few steps toward him, far enough away from the boy and his father. It remained still for a moment, but I could see the bristles above his shoulder stick straight up. … More The Hunt

Dreaming the Horned One

Erosoi Scene III It all began with a fleet fox, Erosoi in hot pursuit, running through a grove of precarious rowan trees, their bark indistinguishable from the scattered stone. And though he could not see them, he heard squirrels chirruping. Silhouetted meadowlarks coasted over distant mountains ridged in blue. Always just outside his grasp, the … More Dreaming the Horned One