Professional Info


Curriculum Vitae

Joshua Bertetta, Ph.D. 


 Pacifica Graduate Institute: Carpinteria, CA 2001-2008. Received Doctoral Degree in Mythological Studies with degree emphasis in depth psychology May 2008. Dissertation titled “Cutting through Self-Mutilation: A Depth Psychology Perspective.”

University of California at Berkeley: Berkeley, CA 1994-1998.Earned Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.  Combined   fields of Anthropology, Native American Studies, and Religious Studies. Explored Mayan, Scandinavian, and Egyptian creation stories from a psychological perspective for Senior thesis.

Teaching Experience

St. Edward’s University. 2006-current.

­­­­­­­­Courses taught (Undergraduate and Graduate):

Religious Studies Courses

 Introduction to World Religions (RELS 1304)

 History of Religions of the World (HONS 1340)

 Christian Themes in the Chronicles of Narnia (HONS 1340)

  Abrahamic Traditions (RELS 2302)

 Myth and Symbol (RELS 2342)

 African and African Diaspora Religious Traditions (RELS 2342)

  Islam (RELS 2342)

 Religion and Globalization (RELS 3399)

  Dialogue of World Religions: Indigenous Traditions (RELS 4303)

Basic Christian Questions (RELS 1315)

Interdisciplinary and General Education Courses

  Religion and Psychology (RELS 2342)

  Sociology of Religion (SOCI 3334)

 Capstone (CAPS 4322)

 American Dilemmas (CULF 2321)

 Contemporary World Issues: Indigenous Peoples (CULF 3331)

 Contemporary World Issues: Indigenous Peoples (HONS 3331)

Graduate Level Courses

 Special Topics: Studies in Religion (LADS 6376)

 Special Topics: Mythology and Symbol (LADS 6376)

Advising and Mentoring

Honors Thesis Advisor (HONS 4399)—Three Times

Masters of Liberal Arts Thesis Advisor (LACC 6399)

McNair Scholarship Project Mentor

Professional Presentations

 “Music as Vehicle for Religious Dialogue”  March 2010. Southwest Regional AAR Conference.  Dallas, TX

Using Creativity to Teach Tolerance” March 7, 2009. Southwest Regional AAR Conference. Dallas, TX

Invited and Public Lectures

”Islam.” November 13, 2009. Austin Town and Gown Society

”The Burden of Religion”  April 6, 2009.  Austin Jung Society

”Religion and Environment: Dominion/Stewardship” October 21 2008. Religion and Environment Seminar. St. Edward’s University

“The Soul of Self-mutilation.” June 6, 2008. Austin Jung Society

 ”Sumerian Mythology.” November 18, 2003.   Pacifica Graduate Institute

Viking Mythology.”  June 3, 2003. Pacifica Graduate Institute

”Mayan Religion and Calendar.”  August 9, 2002. Pacifica Graduate Institute

Administrative and Organizational Experience

Lead Organizer, “A Gathering of Faiths” 2009. “A Gathering of Faiths” was a day-long event held in conjunction with the World Parliament of Religions convention. It consisted of: a religious diversity fair with games, information, music, exhibits; a panel of student leaders from various religious backgrounds; a three person panel discussion comprised of local Austin religious leaders.

Board of Directors, Austin Jung Society   2007-2009

Nostra Aetate. 2008-2010. A committee at St. Edward’s dedicated to fostering religious dialogue.

Lead Organizer, “A Climb up the Slippery Mountain,” a weekend workshop with professor David L. Miller and noted  psychologists Greg Mogenson and Wolfgang Giegerich. The seminar was subsequently published by Spring Journal and Books Press:

Miller, David L., Mogenson, Greg and Giegerich, Wolfgang.  Dialectics and Analytical Psychology: The El Capitan Seminar. New Orleans: Spring Journal and Books, 2005.





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  1. I just want to say that I came across a comment you left on my blog back in July in relation to Ogham… I don’t know how I missed it, but I apologise sincerely! Thanks for leaving your comment, I’m glad you liked my post. Ogham is indeed a fascinating and multi faceted means of communication with many layers, just like your onion! And your book sounds very interesting, quite an epic!

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