About the Author

Who am I that qualifies me to write something like The Story of the Four and other posts such as Re-Visioning Eve, Re-Visioning Mental Health and Amer-I-Can Upanishad: A Social Commentary which challenge commonly held presumptions about religious, psychological, and social phenomenon?

I graduated from UC Berkeley, earning my Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies in which I combined Anthropology, Religious Studies, and Native American Studies. Titling my major “Cross Cultural Studies of Indigenous Myths and Religions,” I wrote my senior thesis on an examination of Egyptian, Norse, and Maya creation stories.

Having had a profound spiritual experience on a Vision Quest when I was 20 years old, I would embark upon the path as guided by my vision and followed that path into graduate school with the aim of one day teaching.

I enrolled in Pacifica Graduate School’s Mythological Studies Program, an interdisciplinary program which trains the student in “examining mythologies and cultural traditions through the lenses of religious studies, literature, and depth psychology” (website). In identifying the similarities between the world’s various mythological, cultural, and religious traditions, I, along with my classmates, learn to discern “common patterns in human life, as well as the diverse ways human beings live and make meaning of their experience” and as described on my “Welcome” page, the ability to cultivate  a “mythic imagination” has engendered in me a deep capacity for understanding myself, my culture, and the culture of others.  Pacifica’s motto sums things up well and encapsulates the perspective from which I teach as well as write: “For the sake of tending the soul of the world.”

For more on my personal journey, see Kindness Blog Featured Writer.

For more on my perspective on myth, culture, etc, see Interview.








11 thoughts on “About the Author

    1. Weaver,

      Just checking in…I replied to your email the day you sent it, but haven’t heard back. Just wanted to let you know I’m open to an interview and/or anything else you might ask of me.



  1. Joshua,
    I too graduated from UC Berkeley, with majors in History and yes Interdisciplinary Studies. Gary Wren was my advisor! My Major was “Civil Rights in the United States Post Civil War”
    One last thought on the last piece you just wrote.
    We need to find a new myth story line. Not for you or I, but for the people who want to hold onto a mythical reality but dont have the time to study like you and I do.


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