The Great White Dope (A Trump Parody)


Courtesy Sal Page

Slowly but surely, I’m getting back into writing flash fiction. Here’s my latest from In addition to including the photo, I had to include the following three elements: TV weather person, tornado, and parody. I’ve never really write much parody, but had a lot of fun with this one…



“And now we go live to Hurricane Alley with weather correspondent Ally Fitzimmons. Looks like a strange scene there Ally. Can you explain what’s going on?”

“Strange indeed Hal. As you can see, everyone in Podunk is lining the roadway.”

“It looks like a party.”

“Oh, that’s not the half of it. It has the flavor of a political rally.”

“Strange, considering Podunk’s history of tornadoes. I mean usually we see people heading for storm shelters or leaving town.”

“That’s what you would expect Hal. But this is a whole other monster. I spoke to local resident Billy Bob Hickman earlier this afternoon and asked him why the apparent celebration. He said, and I quote, ‘We’ll at least them’s white clouds, not the big black clouds. Those is the bad ones. White clouds is okay.’ I didn’t really—”

“Ally. Ally. Sorry to interrupt, but what IS that!?”

Ally turned her shoulder as the patriotic crowd waved their flags.

She turned again to the camera, at a loss for words.

“Have you ever seen anything like it Ally?”

The gathering clouds took humanoid shape with bad fluffy hair and took on an orange hue. In droves they ran toward it, arms open in embrace as the monstrosity lumbered forward like an incestuous drunk and consumed everything in its monomaniacal path. Still the horde cheered.

“Ally? Ally?”

“No Hal. I…I…All I can say, Hal, is that it seems a hateful storm. That’s the best way to describe it.”

A man in a red hat ran between Ally and the cameraman, paused, then yelled, “This is the best damn storm since my granddaddy last wore his white hood!” Before he gave himself to the storm turned torando, he pointed to the words on his cap: “Make America Great Again.”


4 thoughts on “The Great White Dope (A Trump Parody)

  1. Great parody, Josh; the more parodies of Perry Comb-over, the better! But you do know that the photo prompt was purely optional, don’t you?

    [ I saw the photo prompt for your story, ‘Interrogation’. What a nostalgia rush! That was my first foray into flash fiction contests. 🙂 ]

    Liked by 1 person

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