“Keeping US Strong”: An Introduction


Richard Anthony Fitton was called the “Kingpin” and the “Godfather.” Keeping US Strong is the story of his life.

But it is not some Mafioso story. Not some other story of organized crime.

Yet it is a story of drugs and one of America’s greatest social ills.

They are evil. They’re insidious, reprehensible.

They’ll corrupt you and give you cancer.

If you’re a woman, you’ll sound like a man, grow hair like a man, and your lady parts’ll resemble a man’s.

If you’re a man, you might grow breasts. They’ll turn you crazy. They’ll kill you or make you kill someone else.

Even worse, they might even shrink your balls.

Anabolic steroids—the great anathema to Olympic and professional sports.

When it comes to these drugs, “What passes for common knowledge has little connection to reality,” writes attorney Rick Collins. Contrary to popular belief, athletes are in the minority of anabolic steroid users. The majority of those who use don’t compete in athletics whatsoever.


Your normal everyday guys (and gals) use them.

Police officers use them. Firefighters use them.

Military personnel use them.

Hell, even porn stars use them.

As Emmy-winning sports journalist Armen Keteyian put it: what was once simply an “issue of the leagues and in the Olympics” became “not only a scientific story, but a political story…a labor story” on their journey to finding their “way into the culture itself.”

Powerlifting USA

This is the story of a man most have never heard of. Tony’s story is a confluence of many stories, stories which would not converge until, living in America, he reached his early thirties. What he did and what transpired would influence change in the landscape of American sport, American society, American politics. Yet very few even know his name.

It is a story about a drug few have not heard of. Heroin is one thing; cocaine is another. Methamphetamine, marijuana. Anabolic steroids. One of these drugs is not like the other and while the tide has begun to turn for marijuana, Americans tend to recoil at the thought of anabolic steroids.

Is it because they are signs of a cheater? Of people who make a mockery of sporting institutions? Our values? Of what we hold sacred?

Or do anabolic steroids do something else, say challenge the very heart of the American way and the American Dream?

This is the story of a man most have never heard of. It is the story of a much-maligned drug. It is also the story of America. To tell the story of the man is to tell the story of the drug. To tell the story of the drug is to tell the story of the man. To tell the story of the drug is to tell the story of America—its politics, its economics, its institutions, its very way of life.

From a handful of outlaws sending them through the mail to a global crisis throwing Olympic sport into disrepute, anabolic steroids are among the most vilified and misunderstood drugs in the modern world. While they may the bane of sporting institutions and athletes who use them are demonized as immoral cheaters, most of what people know about the drugs is inaccurate or downright untrue. Keeping US Strong sets the story straight and challenges the modern perceptions of these most-maligned drugs.

So who cares?

Over one million Americans alone use steroids.

This past year alone has seen one of the most significant controversies in the world of international sport. Widespread corruption. Government cover-ups. All in the name of Olympic victory.

But how did it get this way?

download (1)

How did the use of anabolic steroids spread through the world of sport and trickle down into your normal everyday Joes who use the drugs to help them look better?

How did anabolic steroids become a part of the American fabric?

Keeping US Strong answers these questions and more. Sure to create controversy as it tells the untold story of steroids, Keeping US Strong is the true story of the rise of these most provocative substances in America

. It tells the story of Tony Fitton, one of a handful of anabolic outlaws, a leading and legendary figure of the steroid underground.

The takeaway?

Anabolic steroids might be just as American as apple pie.



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