They Themselves

Contest-4 For the first time in seven months I wrote a piece of flash fiction, the below being the result. Based on this picture, it had to include reference to a dragon and a magical stone and consist of no more than 100 words

Thanks to Emily June Street at Luminous Creatures Press for hosting and Mark A. King for judging. A special shout-out to Nancy Chenier for her winning story.


Two ships launched from their near-lifeless planets, twin planets half-consumed, in search of a new home.  They’d learned their lesson and vowed they wouldn’t wake the dragon again. Their world’s ruin their own doing.

In time they learned that what they thought was their world was actually part of a larger world.

A much larger world. A beautiful world.

Those who lived in this world called their sacred stone “Earth.” They learned the “Earthlings” too had roused the dragon from its sleep. The poked it, over and over again, with their hate.

Just like they themselves had done.



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