Keeping US Strong: Tony Fitton, Steroids, and the American Way

wHello Fellow WordPressers,

I write this post (more of a letter really) as an open invitation. For the past 15 months I have been working on a biography about former British powerlifter Tony Fitton who, after moving to America, became one of the country’s leading dealers of anabolic steroids before they became household names. He was also the first person to ever be prosecuted for selling the controversial substances. The result of countless hours of interviews, research, and writing has culminated in what is now a complete work. If you’re a sports fan at all, you’re probably aware that once again the shadow of drug use in sports looms over the upcoming Olympics.

Keeping US Strong is as much a history of steroids and performance-enhancing drugs as it is a biography of a dealer and a true crime story. It is a history that the mainstream media does not tell. It is a history that in many respects mirrors the history of America and as I suggest in my work, anabolic steroids are the perfect American drug.

If biographies, histories, the drug culture, true-crime, sports, or American politics interest you and you want to follow along this story, I invite you to my new Keeping US Strong facebook page. If you’re familiar with the publication process, many a publisher wants to know what an author is doing to promote his/her book. This is just one of the many steps I have taken, so if you also want to help an aspiring author, your accepting my invitation would be most greatly appreciated.


Josh Bertetta



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