Presence in Absence

So I’d been out of writing flash for about the past three months, but could not not participate in this, the last Flash!Friday contest. Twas sad news indeed to learn Rebekah P. was shutting down what I have found in the past year and a half a wonderful place to push myself in writing and, even better, meet and be a part of a community of wonderful writers from across the world.

This week’s story had to begin with the line: “On Friday everything changed.” The use of the picture was optional; the story had to be 100 words on the dot.


On Friday, -v-rything chang-d. Th- fifth l-tt-r vanish-d. Gon-. Poof. Nowh-r- to b- found.

David, full of youth and gusto, d-dicat-d his lif- to s–king it, finding it.

Y-ars lat-r David thought, if “-” r-ally do-s -qual mc2 as -inst-in said, th-n mayb- that littl- l-tt-r didn’t go anywh-r-, mayb- it just chang-d form.

R-aching a rip- old ag-, David, b-at-n and brok-n from th- s-arch, gav- up.

Th-n, h- saw it. Th- mom-nt h- stopp-d s–king h- found it.

Always and alr-ady, it was th-r-, in front of his fac-.

In th- tr–s, in th- b–s, in th- br–z-.


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