7R4N5P051710N (Special Mention Winner)

Here’s my latest from Flash!Friday 3-32, inspired by, as the directions stated, Orwell’s 1984. Having to incorporate 2 of the stories elements, I chose the theme of totalitarianism/censorship and a dystopian future.


7H3 L457 M4N W45 B0RN WH3N H1570RY D13D.

UP0N H15 D347H 7H3Y 534L3D W17H1N H15 C0FF1N 7H3 DR34M 0F 1D345. H3 WH0 PU7 7H3 F1N4L N41L 1N 7H3 C0FF1N L1F73D H15 H4MM3R H1GH 0V3RH34D 4ND 4NN0UNC3D 70 7H3 W0RLD 4 N3W 1D34.

7HU5 HUM4N17Y B0RN 4N3W, 4 HUM4N17Y W17H0U7 H1570RY. 4 HUM4N17Y W17H0U7 1D345 54V3 7H3 0N3.

7H3 HUM4N R4C3 5L0W3D D0WN 4ND 47 L0NG L457 F0UND 50M3 53MBL4NC3 0F 53R3N17Y, 4BL3 70 5M3LL 7H3 R0535 F0R 7H3 F1R57 71M3, 7H4NK5 70 7H3 0N3 1D34. 4ND 7H4NK5 70 7H3 0N3 1D34, N07H1NG CH4NG3D.

R4153D 0N 7H3 0N3 1D34, 45 CH1LDR3N 7H3 N3W HUM4N17Y H3LD 7H31R H4ND5 0V3R 7H31R H34R75 4ND PL3DG3D 7H31R 4LL3G13NC3.

7H3 0N3 1D34 UN173D 7H3 P30PL3, 7074LLY.

17 4B50RB3D 7H3M, C0MPL373L7Y.

7H3 0N3 1D34 RUL3D 7H3M, F1N4LLY.

7H3 0N3 1D34, 0NC3 4ND F0R 4LL, F0R 4LL.

UN71L 7H3 CH1LD B0RN W17H 4 BLU3 3Y3 4ND 4 GR33N 3Y3 54W 7H1NG5 D1FF3R3N7LY. 7H053 WH0 K3P7 W47CH 0V3R 7H3 0N3 1D34 70 3N5UR3 175 1N73GR17Y 0RD3R3D 7H3 B0Y, 45 H3 GR3W 70 4 M4N, 70 QU137 H1M53LF, F0R H15 V1510N, 7H3Y 541D, W0ULD MURD3R 7H3 0N3 1D34 4ND D3570RY 7H3 N3W HUM4N17Y.

N0 0N3 L1573N3D 70 7H3 M4N 4NYW4Y, 50 7H3 0N3 1D34 R3M41N3D 54F3 UN71L, 7H47 15, H3 U773R3D 7H3 0N3 W0RD, 7H3 0N3 W0RD, B0RN FR0M H15 7R3NCH4N7 F0R 5331NG 7H3 W0RLD D1FF3R3N7LY, 7H47 W0ULD L34D 70 7H3 CH4RG3 0F 7R3450N, 4 CR1M3 PUN15H4BL3 BY D347H:


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