Resolution (Honorable Mention Winner)

Here’s my latest from Flash!Friday Vol. 3-30 based on the photo prompt below, for which I won Honorable Mention. This week’s contest started a whole new format which includes rooting the story in a novel in addition using two elements from said novel. This week’s novel was The Count of Monte Cristo. 

Château d'If, Marseille vu de la navette des Iles d'Or
Château d’If, Marseille vu de la navette des Iles d’Or

A homeless man, a butterfly, and a snail walked into a bar.

They met to end, for once and for all, the age old question: which of the three was better.

The homeless man, an escaped convict, said he, that is, humankind, was superior, for as it was said, he was created in God’s image and, as such, given dominion over the earth. “I could crush you,” he said to the butterfly. “And I could end your life with simple salt.”

The conversation moved to one of habitat whereas once again the homeless man, by virtue of being homeless, could venture wherever he wanted, claimed his superiority for the others had no such freedom.

“Ah, but I am then the freest,” claimed the butterfly, “for I, being created of fire, change from one state of being to another while you, born from dust, return to dust. Thus I am superior.”

“If it is the stuff we are made from that makes one the greater,” said the snail, “then it is I who am the greatest, for I am made of water—”

“Made of water!?” protested the homeless man.

“While the butterfly changes from one shape to the other, I, like water, can take the shape of my container—the spiral—the very shape of creation itself. I am the <i>potential</i> for becoming, the very stuff over which God breathed in Genesis. Neither of you would be if it were not for me. You see, I AM.”

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