Daily Kitchen Meditation: Choices

Here’s today’s meditation from Donald Altman’s Meal by Meal:


“If you think about it, eating is a process of possession…of taking that which is not you and receiving it within your boundaries”–Don Gerrard, On Bowl

How mindful are you about the food you receive “within your boundaries?” Do you eat what is put in front of you, without discrimination? Or are your boundaries highly protected by your own “eat” and “do not eat” lists? People who are lactose-intolerant, for example, get immediate feedback about necessary food boundaries.

The moment you put something into your mouth, you permit that substance to mix with your physical and energy bodies. This takes on significance when you realize that 34 percent of corn, 75 percent of soy products, and 15 percent of canola oil are genetically modified. What is more, GM foods are increasing in number.

GM information is on some labeling. I believe it should be present on all food labeling, since long-term effects are not really known. So be mindful of your boundaries.

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