The Monster

Here’s my latest from Flash!Friday Vol. 3-29 which required the presence of an author in addition to the photo prompt.

He knew it was coming and there was no way getting around it. The monster stood before him, in the middle of the room, front and center, glaring at him and baring its big white teeth.

How it grew so big George hadn’t the faintest idea and much as there was no way getting around it, there was no getting away from it. It was there, waiting for him, licking its chops.

He was doomed and, having nowhere to run, cursed himself for telling his wife to lock the door from the outside. George had sealed his own tomb and now those childhood nightmares keeping him awake most nights had come alive.

Then he remembered: he hadn’t slept in days. George rubbed his eyes and prayed to God it was just a hallucination. But nothing changed, nothing at all.

“Is this what you want!?” George ripped his shirt open, bared his heart. “Take it, rip it outta me! You stole it from me years ago. It’s blackened now. Take it, it’s yours!”

It was okay; George was tired. He’d been through more than most. And most of it wasn’t pretty.

No, George told himself, no. I won’t go out like this.

He took to his chair to complete his memoir.

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