Daily Kitchen Meditation: Preparation


“At the center of a life based on harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility is that inner peace that results from accepting one’s limits and finding satisfaction with the incomplete.” –Soshitsu Sen XV, Tea Life, Tea Mind

Are you a perfectionist around the kitchen? Do you get upset when the fish is overcooked, the asparagus comes out limp, and the barbecue gets charred? Who takes the blame?

No one is born a genius chef, knowing how to cook and prepare a meal. If you are like most people, you learn how to cook by trial and error.

There was a time, for example, when a friend and I tried to make the perfect deep-dish pizza. We experimented with different pizza pans, dough, toppings, and cheese. But we never could recreate that deep-dish Chicago pizza that we loved. Still, it was pretty good, and we had a couple of fun pizza parties that made our quest worthwhile.

Do not let perfection stop you from enjoying the process of preparation.

Cook what you can–even if it is out of the can!

Meal by Meal, by Donald Altman

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