Daily Kitchen Meditation: Entry


“It must be hard to be hungry when food is plentiful”  –Gita Menta

Do you experience unsettling emotions and anxious feelings more acutely before you eat? Food takes on a different significance as you approach mealtime. Fortunately, being mindful of your emotions can moderate and heal your appetite to eating. The key to moderating mealtime emotions is knowing that they are temporary, like a summer rain.

Say, for example that you approach lunchtime feeling extreme anxiety because you fear gaining weight. Maybe you looked in the mirror before lunch and were frightened by the loud voice that said, “You look fat.”

Who is that voice? Is it you, or just a sliver of who you are? In truth, the real you has a richness and depth of experience. This frightened voice–although loud and demanding–is merely distracting you from the successful you who has conquered many life fears and has a history of eating many healthy foods.

Who is the successful, authentic you?

From Meal by Meal by Donald Altman

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