Casey Jones

Here’s my latest from Flash!Friday Vol. 3-28. In addition to the prompt, the piece had to include reference to deja vu. Most of those who commented said they had to read it twice…Sucks to be this guy.


She slipped on her nightgown and lit her cigarette. She used to smoke afterward, because, well, it helped her calm down after getting all worked up. She didn’t need the cigarette now, but smoked it anyway.

She scowled at him, facing the wall, almost hanging off the side of the bed. Had she slipped on the silk sheets he might have fallen off.

She walked downstairs, started a pot of coffee, and, after putting the first out, lit another, then, after one, maybe two puffs, ground it out the way they used to grind it out—hard and fast.

She just didn’t get it. Sure she wasn’t as tight in certain places, but many a man, she told herself, would be lucky to have a wife half as fine. So why couldn’t he…?

She rolled her eyes when he trudged down the stairs. “Coffee?”

“After I get the paper.”

And so he did, then, upon setting it upon the kitchen table, poured his cup.

She unfolded the paper and, laughing, held up the front page featuring a story—replete with photo—of a train wreck, the engine and first car having blasted through a second story stone wall, hanging, as it were, limp. “Déjà vu, all over again, huh?”

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