Daily Kitchen Meditation: Eating

So last night, when I began this little series of posts on kitchen inspirations and daily meditations, I forgot to mention the name of the book from which these originate: It’s called Meal by Meal: 365 Daily Meditations for Finding Balance through Mindful Eating by Donald Altman. Today’s topic is titled, simply, “Eating.”


I can resist everything except temptation. –Oscar Wilde

What foods would be pictured at the post office on your “ten most tempting foods” poster? Rather than let these foods have hidden power over you, you can choose to extinguish the temptations.

Wait until you are not hungry before trying this experiment! Take one small, mindful spoonful or bite of your tempting food without trying to resist it at all. You are simply conducting an experiment to concentrate on sensations of taste, smell, texture, and the energy component of the food.

Chew a minimum of 25 times until the food in your mouth becomes liquid and the flavor is exhausted. Observe your desire for the food (pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral) without becoming attached. Take ten mindful breaths  between bites. Take as many bites as necessary to simply gain insight into your sensations and thoughts about why this food tempts you, not to derive any special pleasure. When you feel like you have more insight, end the experiment.

Experience that even tempting food is just energy to your body that receives nourishment

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