Daily Kitchen Meditations: Rituals

So I picked up a little book the other day–one of those daily meditations sorts of books–on cooking, eating, and other kitchen experiences. Thought I’d do my best to share the good advice.



The drum is often the only instrument used in our sacred rites.   –Black Elk

Do you have a sacred or special object that helps to sanctify your mealtime? This can make your mealtime rich with meaning. And, as Native American medicine man Black Elk suggests, you do not need to make your rite or blessing complex.

Even a simple object will do. It will be sacred and holy so long as it has some deeper meaning for you. Black Elk’s sacred drum, for example, represents the heartbeat of the universe. In many traditions, a candle represents bringing light into the home and heart.

There are many different kinds of sacred objects that you can add to your current mealtime blessing. Whether it is a crystal, candle, or photo–especially of a loved one who has passed on–try to place it in a location where it becomes part of your sacred meal. Let it inspire you (even silently) as you observe your mealtime blessing.

Discover a sacred object to enrich your mealtime blessing

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