My Country ‘Tis of Thee

Here’s my first of two stories I wrote for Flash!Friday Vol. 3-25 which, in addition to the photo prompt, required including a “defeat”.


They dusted their hands. The irony not lost on their faces, they congratulated one another for a job well done, though they knew it signified the fact they’d conceded defeat. At least it was over now. Once and for all…and for good.

The war’d lasted decades. They’d held out hope, the whole damned lot of ‘em. But in the end, they’d come to realize it was a losing battle, a war they, despite the overwhelming numbers in their favor, could never win.

They’d started with the torch, then moved to the crown on which those who’d heeded the blazing light’s siren song impaled themselves.

Most of them knew the declarations they held on to for so long were nothing but empty promises, and the freedoms…well, they too nothing but illusions.

“Behold!” cried one as he raised the good ol’ Stars and Stripes on the vertical. “The Stars and Bars.”

How could they win the war? Those 99 percent?

How could they when Lady Liberty’s sister Lady Justice, that blind bitch, bent to the one percent’s every whim? They say blindness heightens other senses. Lady Justice’s olfactory system had long ago adapted to the smell of green.

They’d taken Lady Liberty down.

America, that grand experiment in freedom, had failed.

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