Modern Problems

Here’s my latest from FlashFriday Vol 3-23  based on the prompt below and had to include a downtown setting.

V0038481 A Navajo man in ceremonial dress Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images A Navajo man in ceremonial dress representing the Yebichai god Zahabolzi (Zahadolzha?). Silver gelatine print 1904 By: Edward S. CurtisPublished: 1904. Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0
V0038481 A Navajo man in ceremonial dress

Jerry plopped into his EZ-chair, turned on his laptop, and said “God damn it” when it read “Updating.” The microwave beeped. He said “God damn it” again, got out of his chair, and fetched the pre-packaged dinner he’d bought from the convenient store a whole elevator-ride down from his top-floor downtown condo. He sat, kicked back, ate his dinner. He washed it down with bottled spring water.

Jerry deserved to be a little irritable. It was a long day. After work he had to brave traffic only to spend 30 minutes in line at the pharmacy. Eventually he got his pills.

His home-screen finally up, Jerry, smiling at the picture of the Indian he set as his wallpaper, wished he could go back to that simpler time, when life was easier…

Haseya ground corn for hours today after walking, thanks to the current drought’s sucking the river dry, five miles under the blistering heat to the spring to collect the day’s water. After checking the withering corn for worms, Hastiin and others buried four more bodies. The medicine man said there was no cure for the sickness the White Man hid in the blankets they gave the People. Afterward everyone danced for rain.

Tomorrow they’d do it all over again.

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