Jew Dishy Airy

Here’s my latest for Flash Friday Vol 3-22 which, including the photo prompt, required the inclusion of a lawyer.


His counter-suit pressed and ironed, the aircraft carrier pigeon stormed through the door and asked if Judge Dodo knew the difference between unlawful and illegal.

“Um, well…One is against the law and the other is a sick bird.”

“And look at my client,” he asked of the jury. “The court would have us think he is on trial for a murder of crows. Isn’t it apparent that my client is sick?”

“Well if it isn’t apparent, is it a child?”

“No your honor. My client can no longer fly and thanks to the stress of this trial he is prematurely bald…Moreover, the prosecutor—”

“She sure is cute isn’t she?”

“What kind of enterprise are you running your honor? This whole proceeding is a travesty!”

“Yes, with lemon.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is exactly why this court—nay this nation—should be on trial. Not my client. My client was chosen to uphold this country of ours and look what this nation, this court, and my client have become. Your honor, I must ask for recess.”

“Why? I removed the playground.”

“To offer my client wise council.”

“There are no owls here. This is not parliament. Where do you think you are, England?  This is America. We are a democracy!”

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