My latest for Flash!Friday Vol 3-21 based on the photo prompt. The story had to include a Catch-22.

Keys. CC2.0 photo by Apionid.
Keys. CC2.0 photo by Apionid. 

I hang on for dear life, sweating.

I’d told him I had the keys to the kingdom. I promised to pass them on if he just let me out.

He believed me, so he did.

If I only knew then what I know now.

Hindsight’s twenty-twenty they say. Well hindsight doesn’t mean shit right now, because there’s nothing behind me but empty space.

I guess I should have keep my mouth shut.

What cruel irony life is. I didn’t belong there in the first place, but there I was, against my will, and here I am now, this fucking nut—my savior—just feet above me.

Needless to say, I overestimated my freedom. I was better off in the ward.

Hands tied behind my back, I clamp down as hard as I can, I mean really dig my teeth into it.

“Where are they?” he demanded of the keys. “You promised!”

I tried to swallow, but it’s hard when you have an exposed root between your teeth.

If I answer I’ll fall to the ground a thousand feet below.

He pulls out a gun and points it at me. “Tell me now or I swear by God I’ll shoot you.”

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