COMING SOON! The Story of the Four: Volume I

Four lives.

Four stories.

Four journeys through a dying world where gods and angels, demons and other dark things are as real as the sky is blue.

Announcing the upcoming release of my first novel, The Story of the Four.

Rahim the orphan, Darrath the bullied, Erosoi the self-satisfying “golden boy,” and Jen and the self-righteous rich kid. Unaware as to their part in the grand scheme of things, each embarks on his own life-changing journeys and must survive the dark tribulations lurking behind every twist and turn until one day the cosmos will weave their lives together and they will learn the fate of the world rests upon their very shoulders. The challenges each faced alone will seem miniscule in comparison to the tests they will endure as a group.

And they will face a question that will decide the fate of the world:  Will differences tear them apart, forever sealing the world’s fate, or will they learn to use their differences in order to heal it?

Suitable for a young adult audience with strong crossover potential into the new adult and adult market, The Story of the Four is an epic fantasy with elements of alternate history and magical realism and like an onion, a reader can find in the text multiple layers. At its outermost layer it is an action adventure epic focused on the lives of four young adults from disparate social, political, economic, and religious backgrounds. Pull back a layer and it can be read as a work of social and political commentary and critique.  Pull back yet another and The Story of the Four, drawing upon and reshaping various spiritual and mythological traditions, speaks to the longings of those who seek deeper connections with themselves and others as well as a more a profound meaning in life than what our modern society currently provides.

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