Final Exam

Here’s my latest from FlashFriday Vol 3-18. The story, based on the prompt below, also had to inlcude reference to a spy.


The trouble with spies is that they hide in plain sight. Read the three choices below, then answer the following question.

  1. A) Two men in a black SUV are parked outside a bank. They play an old childhood game. In turn, one gives a description of an object he sees. For example, he says, “Something blue with stripes.” The other must keep guessing. When he names the object, it is his turn. They keep playing like so until the reason they are waiting (a distinguished individual in a suit, a set of handcuffs securing the briefcase in his possession) comes into view. Then they move, quiet and unassuming.
  2. B) A young man covers his wispy hair with his hood. Though he has a bag of crispy crackers in his lap, he continues to beg for food with a raspy voice. When people pass him with snide remark or look of disgust, he glares after them, his eyes waspy and ready to sting.
  3. C) A mathematician named Charles Pye despises cake, but loves his pie. His favorite fish is pike. He wears piebald coats, smokes pipes. His favorite number’s pi.

Question: Which of the three is the spy? Explain your reasoning in the space provided below.

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