UnitingBloggers is now online!


Good Sunday all,

Last week I posted an announcement for a new blog I created called UnitingBloggers which is essentially a hub for us bloggers to come together for the purpose of guest-blogging. While still a work in progress, as I still need to make it a little “prettier,” and I conceive of it as a blog that will grow in terms of topics listed, it is, for all intents and purposes, up and going.

I foresee UnitingBloggers taking some time before it really gets going (if it ever does so), so in the meantime, when someone posts a comment seeking a guest-blogger or expresses an interest in guest-blogging for another’s blog, I, as moderator, will post said requests on this blog, joshbertetta.wordpress.com.

I have also decided to add another feature to UnitingBloggers: a featured bloggers page where you can say a little something about yourself and your blog. While not ready for such quite yet, this new feature will be available in the near future.

Hope to see you around UnitingBloggers soon and remember, as I mentioned in my first announcement, UnitingBloggers is only as strong as its community. This means you bloggers so if you want to expand your audience, give this post a re-blog, share on facebook and twitter, come on by, and leave your request.

Thank you,

Josh Bertetta

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