Blogging is a most wonderful way to write, stay creative, and express oneself.

It is a wonderful way to connect with people around the globe and read what they have to say.

Another, related way, to do as much is guest-blogging.

What is guest-blogging? When you write a post on another’s blog or you invite another to write a piece on your blog.

Guest-blogging can help connect you to others and since other bloggers have followers you might not normally reach through your blog, guest-blogging offers the possibility of expanding your own readership. Social networking is called as much for a reason and guest-blogging is a powerful way to increase your social media network. Personally I have very much enjoyed the process of guest-blogging and truly humbled when asked by another blogger to write a guest post and again, I have seen how guest-blogging can increase one’s connections and audience.

For this reason I, who have loved my blogging experience in the past year and been inspired by the relationships that have grown through such, wanted to do what I could do to give back to the wonderful WordPress community by creating a new blog specifically geared toward guest-blogging.

Essentially my new blog, the  title of which is “UnitingBloggers,” is a hub for people to come together for the purposes of guest-blogging. It will be simple, really. There will be a great many number of pages accessible from a static home page, each page dedicated to a meta-category (ex. Popular Culture). Hovering over the page with your cursor will produce a drop down menu with links to other pages (keeping with the example: Music, Movies, Fashion, Celebrity, etc). Clicking on a link will take you to that page where you can post in the comments your desire to blog for another or your invitation to host a guest-blog. Those interested in contributed can reply to your specific comment/request and thus you, the requester, will receive in your notifications a response. Note: Serving as a portal to help bloggers connect with other bloggers whom they might not normally connect, this is not a site to promote a particular product, your various social media outlets, nor a place to personally promote your blog outside of what is necessary to fulfill the site’s aim.  It is a place merely to come together for the purposes of writing what you love to write about and explore new avenues to do so.

Easy right?

Sounds like it to me. Of course, it may need a little tweaking once it goes on-line and suggestions for pages will always be taken into consideration.

So where do you come in?

If you are interested in guest-blogging, either in the capacity of writer or inviter, and/or know someone who might be interested in blogging or whose blog itself might benefit from some added exposure, please pass this post on.

And of course, re-blogging this post (and future posts) would be ideal, for sharing underscores the spirit from which I have endeavored to embark on this new project.

Stay tuned for more!

Thank you and hope to see you around UnitingBloggers sometime soon,

Josh Bertetta


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