Easy as (Apple) Pie (Recipe)

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In honor of Pi day over the weekend, the prompt over at The Angry Hourglass involved the photo depicted below. This generated a whole slew of interesting stories, including mine, which, won first place! This is my first such Flash Master of the Week Winner.

photo courtesy Ashwin Rao
photo courtesy Ashwin Rao


6 oz Butter



Person to milk the cow

Person to make the butter

A machine to make the butter

1 Tablespoon Salt

A shelving coast


Hydrogen and Oxygen

12 oz All purpose flour




Carbon dioxide

Sugar (2 cups) and Apples (3 lbs)

See All purpose flour above

<b>Directions: Keeping it Simple</b>

Now once you have all your ingredients, you’ll need to have a baking dish, a knife or apple corer, and an oven. Many of the same above ingredients apply: you’ll need people to have already made your baking dish, your knife or apple corer, and your oven. You may have purchased those made by machines, but at some point people were involved in making those machines. And of course the “ingredients” for those people came from two other people, who in turn were made from the ingredients of two other people, on and on we go.

Of course those people who have made the tools necessary to make your easy apple pie will have required machinery of some sort. Those machines will have required metals which required various elements, factories, and, most likely, plastics, which require oil and the refineries. In all these instances people are required. In most cases, some sort of education will have been required. This, of course, depends on a great many other people too.

You’ll most likely have to go buy your ingredients, which means you’ll need a mode of transportation. For sake of simplicity, let’s say you have a car. See then, above. Still perhaps you walk or take a bike. You’ll need people and their various materials to have made your shoes or bike.

And of course to buy the ingredients you’ll need money, which means you’ll need a job, a bank, an economy, a government to regulate that economy, and a society.

But in order to have any of it, you’ll need fundamental elements, which require billions upon billions of atoms, which, in turn, require countless amounts of sub-atomic particles, all of which need to come together just right in order to produce what you need to make your  easy apple pie.

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