The Girl Next Door

So here’s my latest story as prompted by Flash!Friday 3-14 based on the photo below. The story also had to include the theme “The Girl Next Door.”

 CC2.0 photo by Scott Ableman.
CC2.0 photo by Scott Ableman.

The girl next door.

I hate that shit. Conjures up too many male fucking fantasies.

But that’s how they see me. Plain Jane.

Doesn’t help my name’s Jane.

Said I’d never amount to much. A secretary maybe.

But I proved them wrong.

I got me a job in the White House.

I’m a cook there.

I can’t tell you how many politicians and foreign dignitaries I’ve made the most exquisite food for. It’s pretty exciting really. Stressful, but exciting.

You’d think people like that would act the part, but they don’t really. The men and women you see smiling in the newspapers and on the web aren’t the people I know. You think politicians would act more politically correct and foreign dignitaries more dignified.

But I can’t tell you how many “innocent” hugs I’ve received or how many lewd comments I’ve heard under the breath.

Mostly men of course.

Men of power, who can make or break nations.

Oh how I hate how they puff themselves up and think they can get away with whatever they want when the cameras aren’t flashing.

Sure, they have power.

But I have power too, you see.

I can spit, or put whatever, in their food.

Not bad for the girl next door.

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