The following is my latest from Flash!Friday Vol. 3-8 based on the photo provided. It also had to include the following theme: Man vs. Man.

Kinderspiel. CC2.0 photo by Hartwig HKD
Kinderspiel. CC2.0 photo by Hartwig HKD

Man versus man. Man versus nature. Man versus himself.

“Are they really that much different from one another?” he thought.

Mohammed watched his grandson, his grandson who would rather play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on his PS3, storm away.

They had fought, and Mohammed stood there, in his black, under the sun. And would do so until the sun exchanged the tree for him, standing still and straight, as the shadow’s center.

It was a metaphor, really. This place, that is. A metaphor for the world today. A world that had lost its bearings, the wheel having long shed its axle and his grandson’s life would become, Mohammed, tried to explain, as dry and barren and empty if he continued to disown his past, his heritage, his roots.

He wanted to be like them.

But you are of us, Mohammed had said.

I don’t want to be like you.

Those were the last words Mohammed heard.

He would follow his grandson of course, for the boy of the city knew nothing of the life of the desert.

The past and the future: Man versus Man.

Progress: Man versus Nature.

Us and them: Man versus Himself.

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