The Power to Speak

Here’s my latest from FlashFriday Vol 3-4 based on the photo prompt. A little background to this piece as I tried to do something a little different, to push the envelope, for lack of a better cliche, than ways in which other flash fiction authors push the envelope. This piece was inspired by a book I’ve recently begun to read called The Power to Speak: Feminism, Language, God, by Rebecca S. Chopp. Just to get a sense of the text and the direction I took my piece, here’s a short excerpt:

“In the space of women’s speaking–which is at the same time the space of the repression of the Word–lies the possibility of discourses of emancipatory transformation, the open possibility of transformation, of a freedom not only from the repressive ordering of patriarchy, but a freedom for creating, receiving, and reinventing new ways of speaking. In the space created among the Word, words, and women is the open possibility of change and transformation, not only in metaphors and concepts but in the ordering of language itself” (29-30, emphasis mine).


“He was spying on us dear. Don’cha think?”

“Spying!? What do you with all your flawgic know about it? You’re nothing but a womenstruashunner  while I stand suffering-side trying my very best to ascribecome! But you wouldn’t know the differeference now would you? Spying? That little African-American boy spying? Are you really that self-impot…important? All your presentimental comments on how much you love me leave me feeling nothing but freedumb. I have half the mind to e-womancipate myself from you right now! And for your transinformation, I wish he was spying on you because then, at least, it would give your god-damn subparanoia some semblancease and then we wouldn’t have to have this lexiconversation one more time. All your speak about reknewing our relationship. But you don’t get it do you? I see it now. See it all too clearly…Marginductive words to maintain your sense of some fucked up hierarkey…”

The man said, “huh?”

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