The Littlest Things

Here’s my latest contribution to Flash!Friday based on the photo prompt.


Rebekah, wanting nothing more than to hide, ostriched her face into his father’s chest and he, setting his wine glass on the deck’s railing, overlooked what the wedding planner described simply as “paradise.”

Meanwhile, the run-away groom’s friends and family were deer caught in Rebekah’s family’s high-beam headlight stares.

“Heading out the door now. Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. You are the greatest thing in my life.”

That’s what his text said. That was over an hour ago.

The pastor began to say something, probably of a consolatory nature, to Rebekah’s mother…






“Then what the hell happened John? No other car. Wasn’t texting. Didn’t appear he hit anything before he ran into the pole.”

The coroner shook his head. “I think it was the flower that did him in.”

“The flower?”

He pointed to the boutonnaire. “Right there on his neck. See? He must have swerved when the bee stung him.”

5 thoughts on “The Littlest Things

      1. I’m really bad at it! And short story writing. But I need to do it to challenge myself. I have started that challenge with writing poetry. Thats what I’m working on currently, although everything has stopped for the season…


      2. I read a little tip on writing flash fiction regarding poetry. Take the poem, remove the line breaks, and bam! There you go, a piece of flash fiction. Might need to tweak a little bit, but some advice to consider.


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