My newest piece of flash based on the prompt had to include reference to “a treasure”.


There are things in this world we can’t see or smell or taste. We don’t even know they’re there; they don’t affect us at all. Then there’s things like that that can derail us, even turn our lives into a train wreck, turning our hearts, our greatest treasures, into lumps of coal.

Ironic isn’t it?

Considering where I find myself that is.

It took me years to get my life back on track. Some would say my motives are crazy. If I were in Spain, they’d say they are “loco” motives.

Funny isn’t it?

No, not really.

I fit in quite well. Nobody noticed I wasn’t supposed to be there.

So I wait. Probably get off at the next stop.

The guy I spent much of my life looking for just ate the pasta I made special for him. Some things in this world are odorless, tasteless and when you, say, sprinkle those things over food, they <i>do</i> affect us.

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