Matthew 10: 34

Here’s this past Friday’s prompt from Flash!Friday; the story had to include reference to a monk.


“It was your idea remember.”

“I know. And it seemed like a good idea at first, but…”

“Tit for tat. They wanted asylum and we gave it to them. Now they’re gonna return the favor.”

“But the way we went about it. We said we wanted to help them and essentially poisoned them for three years without their knowledge while they prayed and meditated. Doesn’t it seem a little barbaric?”

“Barbaric! Need I remind you what those camel jockeys did to our country? Payback’s a bitch. We’ll show them the all mighty power of their God from Tehran to Baghdad, Damascus to Beirut and everywhere in between. They use children to do their bidding for Christ’s sake. So what if we use monks from Tibet? What do they care anyway? You’ve seen the pictures of them setting themselves on fire. It’s good for them. Good karma. All the suicide bombers ain’t shit when you’ve got two dozen suicide nuclear bombers.”

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