Happy Birthday for BETTER ENDINGS !

Happy Birthday Linda! For those out there not familiar with her site, Better Endings Now, go check it out đŸ™‚

Better Endings for Your Life Path


Thanks to WordPress and to every  reader and fellow blogger.Yesterday was the one year Anniversary for Better Endings! This next week I will present the final Life Paths for Better Endings topic of Live Your Dream, Now! Then we will embark upon a whole new annual round, with monthly Better Endings Life Metaphors, monthly Archetype Ally profiles, and many more Life Mapping tools!


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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday for BETTER ENDINGS !

  1. Thank You, Joshua. I am blessed and humbled to have met you through blogging. We’ll have a new cycle at Better Endings starting mid-Novemeber or Dec 1, with a Life Metaphor and a Archetype Ally per month plus lots more Better Endings tools…
    Yours in Spirit,

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