I am Inside You

So here’s this past weekend’s prompt from The Angry Hourglass and what I wrote (for which I received Special Mention).


If you’ve seen pictures of me (and if you’re on social media—like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, chances are you probably have) you might’ve wondered what the hell kind of a life would lead someone to doing something like that. You—especially you bloggers out there–might even try to make a story of it, of me. Sorry if I seem a bit peeved. I’m not, really.

It’s just…It’s just…There’s a point to what I do.

Problem is, most of those pictures I see of myself only get half the story (and that’s being generous).

First off, a picture is always taken from an angle, a perspective that is. And no one perspective gets the whole picture. So when you see a picture of me, you’re only getting one angle. Of course there are 360 degrees in a circle and each degree is merely a vantage point, a point from which an angle may proceed. Shit, maybe you want to stand on a ladder, or take a picture from the top of a building across the street.

It’s all relative, really.

Infinite possibilities, really.

Thing is, most photos don’t capture the title, or <i>caption</i> as it were, I give to my work. Always I title my work on a piece of cardboard I rest on the ground.

I really blew-up on social media with a piece I called “I am Inside You.” You’ve probably seen it: I’m there, painted stone, crouching. Still, absolutely still. Kids are there laughing, pointing. I’m hunched over and their waiting. I hope maybe one day at least one of them will get it—that they’ll understand the metaphor.

But they probably won’t.

Yes, “I am Inside You.” You see I’m stone because after a while you won’t even notice me and I’m hunched over because I’m waiting, waiting to pounce, and I know they’re expecting it and what keeps the suspense is that they don’t know when.

So what is the “I” of “I am Inside You” you ask?

Desire, of course.

And I’m waiting for my prey and when I pounce, I will rip you apart.

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